The Worlds Smallest Dive Kit


Brought to You by Spare Air

From the people who have perfected emergency breathing, we are happy to offer the Nomad kit with the lightweight and versatile Spare Air. This single stage mini-regulator is tried and true. Trusted by the US Military, the Spare Air is perfect to combine with the Snorkelator to give you some bottom time when snorkeling. Together they offer an experience like no other, allowing divers to get in the water and snorkel & dive within seconds.

1.7 Cu ft Tank

30 Breaths

Refill in 60 Seconds

Refill in Seconds

With the ease of use of the Spare Air comes the quick refill adapter. All you need is a full SCUBA tank and within 60 seconds you’re back in the water snorkeling. Perfect when you need a little more time to get an awesome picture or check out the underside of your boat.

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