Refilling the EasyDive Kit

The EasyDive Kits 19 cubic foot cylinder can be refilled to 3000 psi again and again from any standard filtered breathing air compressor (the compressor in your garage will only fill to about 125 psi and is not filtered for breathing air). The included 920C Air Compressor Refill Adapter makes filling your EasyDive Kit fast and easy.

Refilling from a personal Breathing Air Compressor

Refilling your EasyDive Kit has never been easier. Small, portable breathing air compressors that can be operated standard electrical sources including car batteries. Other gas operated breathing air compressors can provide air when no electricity is available.

Thread the 920C Air Compressor Refill Adapter(included with every EasyDive Kit) onto the check valve port of your EasyDive Kit first stage. Attach the yoke from the compressor onto the adapter and refill to 3000 psi.
Submersible Systems offers a personal size breathing air compressor that includes a special 930C refill adapter.
If you have several units to refill, Submersible Systems offers a commercial grade breathing air compressor available as gas or electric powered models.

Refilling at your local dive shop

Dive Shops that refill SCUBA tanks for divers can also refill your EasyDive Kit. Each Kit includes a 920C adapter that attaches the yoke from a breathing air compressor to the unit. If the Dive Shop sells Spare Air, they may already have the adapter, but we provide one with every unit if they don't have one. Filling any pressurized air cylinder for underwater use requires a C-Card (SCUBA certification card).

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EasyDive is recommended for underwater use by certified SCUBA divers only.

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